Sunoka Millwork



About Sunoka Millwork


For over 25 years, Sunoka Millwork has provided custom, commercial, interior millwork services in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Our company offers the latest in commercial wood, laminate and veneer technology with decades of experience contracting and installing millwork.


Over the years Sunoka Millwork has built and installed hundreds of successful millwork projects for restaurant interiors, retail store interiors and custom office interiors.  In addition to national restaurant chains, our customers include interior designers, entrepreneurs, commercial building owners, property management companies and general contractors. There are several reasons why companies rely on Sunoka Millwork:



Millwork Craftsmanship


Experienced, precision craftsmanship ensures a long, trouble free life span on all our interior millwork. High traffic commercial areas in particular require flawless mill working to withstand the test of time.If you want your project done right the first time you should consider Sunoka Millwork.


Sunoka Millwork also provides installation of our millwork with highly trained and experienced installers. As with any installation, minor adjustments are required to maintain the seamless clean look of the entire interior. Our people know what they are doing and they have decades of experience contracting, building and installing interior millwork.



Millwork Technology


Whatever your interior millwork needs may be, we have the commercial equipment, technology and expertise to ensure your project is done to your specifications. Our sophisticated equipment enables us to build your interior fixtures quickly and to exacting professional standards.Sunoka Millwork does not compromise on the quality of our millwork.     



Timing Is Everything in Millwork



The most critical factor in interior millwork is to have everything ready to go when it is time to install your millwork. Projects go in steps and timing is everything. You can count on Sunoka Millwork to be ready when the time comes to install your interior millwork.




Need Millwork?


We understand the importance of deadlines. Delays cost money, time and aggravation. If you need millwork and are looking for quality craftsmanship and timely delivery then you should definitely consider Sunoka Millwork.


Give us a call and a millwork expert can answer any questions or concerns you may have. You can also take advantage of our free no obligation consultation on your millwork.