Restaurant Design



Restaurant Design


An efficient design for a restaurant interior maximizes space, functionality and attracts profits for a successful restaurant. Sunoka Millwork works with specialized commercial restaurant designers who have decades of experience in restaurant and kitchen design.  We can help in your search for an experienced designer for your renovation or new restaurant.  


Restaurant kitchen, exterior and interior designing are all highly specialized fields in food service design. Creating a restaurant with an attractive look that sets the right mood and functionality is the prime objective of food service restaurant design.  This is why national restaurant chains spend years researching, refining and tweaking designs for their restaurants. Generating better profit margins is also an objective of restaurant design.



Interior Restaurant Design



Interior design is the key to increasing the profitability of a restaurant. Proper interior design maximizes seating capacity, and in turn greater potential revenues for a restaurant.  Sunoka Millwork is associated with highly skilled restaurant designers who know how to get the most out of a space without sacrificing functionality.  If you are looking to renovate, or build a new restaurant from scratch, you should be talking to Sunoka about restaurant design.


Sunoka Millwork specializes in building and installing restaurant interiors for national restaurant chains, general contractors and restaurant designers. Whatever look you are after, you can count on Sunoka Millwork to deliver a quality interior.    



Kitchen Design



Kitchen design requires a high level of expertise. A kitchen designer must also have a thorough knowledge base of all the types of restaurant equipment that are available. Also, different types of restaurant menus require different types of equipment.  Designing a kitchen is one of the most complex parts of restaurant design.


The objective of kitchen design is functionality that compliments kitchen staff workflow.  A poor kitchen layout wastes a lot of time and can increase labour costs to compensate for the deficiencies of a bad design. We have general contractors who specialize in kitchen and interior restaurant design.   



Restaurant Interiors



The reason why so many restaurant chains rely on Sunoka Millwork is we get the job done right the first time.  We offer competitive pricing with superior results. Give us a call or schedule a free consultation on restaurant design.