Office Interiors



Office Millwork and Renovation


Sunoka Millwork can increase the functionality and efficiency of your office.  Upgrade your existing office with our cost effective interior renovation, millwork and design. Our high quality interiors feature experienced millwork craftsmanship that projects a polished image to any office. Sunoka Millwork offers high quality office interior renovations at a reasonable price.  There are many reasons why Sunoka Millwork should be your first choice when it is time to renovate your office.


For over 25 years we have designed and built custom office interiors that increase the functionality of existing space with the customized look a client wants for their office. A clean well designed office interior conveys efficiency and delivers a positive first impression when a customer visits your office.


Sunoka Millwork provides custom office interior solutions for developers, contractors, interior designers, commercial building owners, property management companies, entrepreneurs and general contractors. We specialize in utilizing every inch of valuable space to create a more environmentally friendly and functional office.   



Upgrade your Image and Efficiency


There are a lot of hidden costs that come with a poorly designed office.  An office interior should complement the day to day tasks of your staff. Every extra minute it takes staff to complete a task adds up over a year.  A properly designed office interior can literally shave off days of wasted time for your staff.  Efficiency by streamlining staff work flow is vital when designing a new office.


You can count on Sunoka Millwork for an eye catching and functional design for your new office. We offer a wide range of millwork services including exotic countertops, bookshelves, wall units, reception desks, entertainment stations, work stations and lobbies. With Sunoka Millwork you can select the look and feel of your new custom office.



Office Design and Renovation Costs


The cost of the design and renovating an office varies from office to office. We can help you design your new office or we have designers that specialize in office design. Sunoka Millwork can customize the look any type of office.


The easiest way to start on your renovation is to give us a call. One of our interior office experts, with a minimum of 20 years’ experience, can guide you through the process. We also offer a free introductoryconsultation on renovating your office.